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The largest selection of licensed,
commercial music

20 000 000 songs

You’ll always have the latest hits in your playlists.
Moozicore updates music library with new releases every day.
Create playlists in Moozicore Dashboard or import your own
from Spotify or Apple Music

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Join the party

Get control over the music
in your favorite place
right from your smartphone

Hand over the reins and give the customers freedom to choose whatever they like best.

Our Beta App is updating now to the latest version for iOS & Android devices
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Choose your playlists and let your customers vote on their favorite songs!

You will get 20% of every amount
spent by your customers using
MOOZICORE in your business place.

Host the party

In just two steps let your customers
enjoy your place. It's simple!

No streaming box needed

No streaming box needed

All you need is PC/Mac with web
browser and internet connection.

No streaming box needed

Simple set up

Connect your PC/Mac to your
local audio system - that's all.

No streaming box needed

Moozicore is licensed
for business

Moozicore subscription covers all
applicable licensing fees ASCAP,